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Regional Economic
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Wheeling, WV 26003
Phone: 304.232.7722
Fax: 304.232.7727
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RED is a division of Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation (OVIBDC). Copyright © 2018 Regional Economic Development Partnership

RED Business Benefits Brochure
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Shared Services / Back Office Operations

The RED Value Proposition: cheaper, faster, better.

The RED region offers an ideal setting for shared services, back office operations and management as well as success in outsourcing operations for businesses relocating operations to the RED region. Let RED help you create a competitive advantage in your line of business, accomplishing lower costs, higher productivity and improved quality.

Factors in the RED region that will support your back office operations such as shared services and outsourcing include:

The RED region offers dramatically lower real estate and operational costs. Your business can expect its overhead to be reduced, representing significant improvement in cost savings.

Wages among the Wheeling MSA vast talent pool are typically much lower than major market U.S. wages. 

In the RED region alone, there are over 4,500 quality finance and information technology professionals. These individuals provide their talent and skill to successfully command your back office operations.

The quality of the work force in the greater Wheeling area is equal or superior to other U.S. cities. We found in Wheeling and surrounding areas, a high-caliber, well-educated work force with solid skill sets. We were able to fill all of our back office positions with qualified, enthusiastic people.” - Orrick

Back Office Service / Shared Services Industry

Wheeling, West Virginia is considered a desirable location for Shared Service Center operations. 

The community provides a desirable investment climate and is able to provide a notable value proposition for shared service and back office operations.

Source: Shared Services Capability Assessment By Deloitte Consulting LLP (2006)

Back Office Jobs

At present Wheeling is most capable of supporting a center characterized by the traditional rule-based “transactional” processes of a company:

Finance (Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Fixed Asset Accounting, Travel and Entertainment, Accounts Receivable, etc.) 

Human Resources (Benefits Administration, Compensation Administration, Training Administration, Employee Recruitment and Separation, Data Management, etc.)

Procurement (Order Placement, A/P processing, Supplier Set-up, Supplier Database Management, etc.) 

IT (Desktop Management, Network Management, Hardware Management, Level 1 Help Desk Support, Storage Management, etc.)