REDP: Regional Economic Development Partnership

Regional Economic
Development Partnership
1100 Main Street, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 1029
Wheeling, WV 26003
Phone: 304.232.7722
Fax: 304.232.7727
Email: info@redp.org

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RED is a division of Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation (OVIBDC). Copyright © 2018 Regional Economic Development Partnership

RED Business Benefits Brochure
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Low Cost Operations

In the Wheeling MSA, RED offers lower operational costs compared to the U.S. average and major metropolitan centers in the areas of competitive labor, utilities and total annual costs. Part of the I-70 Corridor between Pittsburgh and Columbus, the RED region is an attractive location for companies and entrepreneurs searching for premier value in a lower cost market.

Companies considering relocating business to the RED region could expect cost savings of approximately:

  • 10% - 15% relative to the national average
  • 25% - 30% relative to major urban centers (i.e. San Francisco, New York)
Source: Deloitte Consulting Shared Services Capability Assessment (2006)

The RED region offers:

Low structural operating costs (competitive labor, real estate, and utility costs) in a cost comparison with the U.S. average and major metropolitan centers

High-quality work force

Employee loyalty (low turnover), strong work ethic, and dedication to the company

Demonstrated ability to successfully support a multi-functional Shared Services Center (Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, Williams Lea)

Reliable and robust utility infrastructure

Responsiveness and demonstrated ability to structure real estate transactions

Responsiveness and willingness of the public sector to support projects

Streamlined permitting process

Low natural disaster risks

Source: Deloitte Consulting Shared Services Capability Assessment (2006)